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Easter Festivals

    Good Friday/Easter Day/Family Day - Easter Monday is known as family day. About 3 million black African members of the Zion Christian Church make an annual Easter pilgrimage to Moria.

    The Christian Feast of Ascension occurs 40 days after Easter in both the Western and Orthodox churches and commemorates the ascension of Christ into heaven. The Easter candle is put out. There may be processions with torches and banners and fruits and vegetables may be blessed in church. St. Augustine states that it was first celebrated by the apostles but we have no mention of the feast before the 4th century AD.

    Ethiopian Flag

    In Ethiopia at Theophany the Tables of the Law are carried in a procession. The priests wear elaborate headdresses.

    Egyptian Flag

    The Coptic Church is the largest Christian church in Egypt. The head of the Ethiopian Orthodox church known as Abun was a Coptic monk from Egypt.

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