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    As Ramadan draws to a close, people start to peer eagerly into the sky to catch sight of the new moon which appears to indicate the beginning of the new month. Religious officials in Mecca announce the arrival of the new moon. This information is sent to all the mosques around the world so that all Muslims in other countries can celebrate the festival on the same day. It is a public holiday.

    This festival is to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Muslims put on their best clothes and go to the mosque to pray together. Elaborate meals are prepared and served and visits made to relatives and friends. Children are given sweets and presents and new clothes to mark this happy occasion.

    On this day first thing in the morning everyone must visit the mosque for communal prayer. Afterwards they visit friends and relatives. They feast throughout the day. Dates and milk are served to everyone. Money is given to different charities to help the poor and the sick.

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