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The Osirian Festivals

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    This festival was held on the first day of the first month of winter that the great autumnal festival was held to commemorate the death of Osiris. The festival has many different rites such as the rite of the resurrection of Isis, also "hacking up of the earth".

    The rite of resurrection was that the backbone of Osiris was to have been preserved so on the 20th day of Khoiak barley and sand were placed in a flowerpot and water from the inundation was poured over it over the headless image of a cow possibly representing Isis to make the grain sprout. This was suppose to symbolise resurrection of Osiris after burial, the growth of the "garden" being growth of his divine substance.

    The ceremony known as the "hacking up of the earth" and was preceded the ploughing and the sowing of the seeds.

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