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    Ramadan is celebrated in the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, the most holiest month and is special because it was in the ninth month that the Prophet Muhammad first began to receive revelations or the word of God. To remind the Muslims of this they are suppose to fast for 30 days straight of Ramadan from dawn until sunset. They are not suppose to eat or drink anything at all, nor smoke, nor have any sexual relations during this time.

    During this month they are suppose to say extra prayers and try to read the whole of the Qur'an or Koran which is the holy book of Islam. They are suppose to be particularly careful not to quarrel with friends, neighbors, or family and are to try to be particularly kind and helpful to all.

    Fasting during Ramadan is suppose to teach Muslims the value of good things God has provided for their enjoyment and to remember the sufferings of the poor and the hungry. It is done to develop self-discipline and an attitude of generosity towards others.

    All adults are suppose to fast but those who are older, sick or are women who are pregnant or feeding a baby are excused. Travellers may eat on their journey but must make up for the lost days later on.

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